20 Free Frugal Exercise Tips

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If you can’t afford a gym membership, it shouldn’t stop you from exercising. People need regular exercise throughout the week in order to stay healthy. There are so many things you can get into shape without having to spend a penny. Here are 20 free frugal exercise tips that almost anyone can do:

Tip 1: Ride your bike
Take a nice bike ride around the block or anywhere you wish. Invite a friend to go biking with you too. You’ll enjoy the outdoors while exercising at the same time.

Tip 2: Tone your body
Tone your body by doing exercises such as pushups and situps at home. You’re not losing out on anything, you’ll look and feel a lot better.

Tip 3: Walk or jog with your dog
This is beneficial for you and your dog. They also need regular exercise just like people to keep fit and stay healthy.

Tip 4: Take the stairs
Walk up the stairs instead of taking the elevator to work, home, or at the mall. It’s a quick and easy way to burn extra calories during the day.

Tip 5: Dance
Turn on the radio and dance! It’s a fun way to shed off extra pounds.

Tip 6: Mow the grass
Don’t let the grass grow too long, mow the lawn once a week. The more often you cut the grass, the shorter it’ll be, and easier to mow the next time you do it.

Tip 7: Go swimming
Go to a friends house or a public pool and swim. It’s a nice way to cool off and relax on a hot summer’s day.

Tip 8: Shovel the snow
Instead of paying for a snow removal service, do it yourself! You’ll burn a lot of calories and save hundreds of dollars doing it.

Tip 9: Sign up for free gym membership trials
Most gyms offer a one week free trial, take advantage of these promotions. When your promotion is done, move on to the next available gym.

Tip 10: Use objects
Lift, pull, and push things around the house. You’d be surprised on the things you could use instead of hand weights.

Tip 11: Play outdoor sports
Shoot some hoops by yourself or throw around a baseball with a friend. Organize a game of basketball, football, or anything with a bunch of buddies outdoors.

Tip 12: Go hiking
Find a local park and go hiking. Explore new places by yourself or with a friend.

Tip 13: Garden
Water your plants and take out those weeds. Do some landscaping around your house, it’ll burn you calories and increase the value of your home.

Tip 14: Make love
Studies have shown, love making on a regular basis is overall great for your health. It promotes bonding between partners and generally makes you feel better.

Tip 15: Clean your home
From vacuuming to cleaning out your garage, cleaning your home is a great way to burn calories. You’ll also make your home cleaner and more presentable.

Tip 16: Rent exercise videos from the library
Rent free exercise videos from your local library on anything of interest to you. This way you get to choose what you want to exercise to.

Tip 17: Watch free exercise videos on YouTube
Choose and search thousands of exercise videos on YouTube. There are so many free how to’s and tutorials on pretty much anything you want to learn.

Tip 18: Borrow equipment
Go bug your friends and family to borrow their exercise equipment. Just make sure you give it back.

Tip 19: Exercise on TV
There are many TV shows on air that show workouts. Check out when these shows are airing, record them if you can’t watch them at the time.

Tip 20: Jump rope or jumping jacks
Dust off that jump rope or if you don’t have one, do jumping jacks. Watch TV or listen to music while doing this and you’ll find the time go by faster.

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