5 Small Business Game Changers for the Mobile Entr

5 Small Business Game Changers for the Mobile Entrepreneur

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Must-have tools for business owners on the go!

It’s one thing to focus this article on the mobile entrepreneur in the title of this article. However, the fact is that all entrepreneurs need to stay mobile these days if they wish to keep their business competitive and stay in the know.

It’s a fact that the majority of business owners are always on the go—meeting with clients, business partners, sourcing leads, attending conferences, and traveling for business. So staying connected to your business is a must when you’re not physically in the office conducting business from your computer.

As a mobile business owner myself, I highly recommend these five game-changing apps for entrepreneurs who want to remain connected to the day-to-day business operations, as well as organized and efficient on the go.

Introducing my must-have smart phone apps for the mobile entrepreneur:

1. Skype (Free – for Android, iPhone & BlackBerry)

I really could not do business—effectively and inexpensively—without the Skype app. Not only does this handy messaging and audio/video calling app let me communicate with clients, office staff, my freelancers and business partners absolutely free of cost; it lets me do so with those based all over the globe without extraordinary long distance phone calling charges. I’ve come to depend on Skype for my entire business calling. This app’s capabilities let me conduct free messaging, virtual meetings, video conferencing, a video calls right from my smart phone, tablet, or laptop from absolutely anywhere in the world where I can find a Wi-Fi hotspot!

2. Evernote (Free – for iPhone)

I like to think of the Evernote app as my genius wing-man. That’s right. What other tool can capture all of your ingenious ideas at the most inopportune times? For instance, mid- morning run when you have no pen or paper handy. That’s why Evernote is my mobile business life-saver. It lets me jot down reminders, appointments, to-dos, client meetings, and bit of inspiration when a thought of brilliance happens to strike! When I need its assistance, I simply launch the Evernote app and record what I need to via integrated voice records or a quick text. The app saves it for later in one central spot or syncs it across all of your mobile devices (i.e., iPhone, iPad, laptop, desktop, etc.) if I so choose.

3. LinkedIn (Free – for iPhone)

Let’s face it those paper business cards are a thing of the past. Today, everyone uses electronic business card readers to exchange information and an iphone credit card reader to take mobile payments on the go. We live in a world where paper bits are lost easily in the mix and electronic records are swapped via tools like the LinkedIn app. I use this app for everyday business connections—for things like connecting with client and partner prospects, swapping contact information with potential clients and industry colleagues, and also as a source for directing my professional connections to LinkedIn to read my businesses profile (it’s like a resume).

4. Google Synch (Free – for BlackBerry)

Without my Google Calendar I’d be a mess—and so would my business! I can honestly say that I depend on it hourly to keep me up-to-date on my day. As a mobile entrepreneur, I’ve come into the habit of putting all of my client appointments, meetings, work to dos, work events, social events, client notes, and business contacts into Google Synch (which includes my trusty calendar) so I just check it every morning and know what’s on the go for the entire day!

5. Dropbox (Free – for iPhone)

The Dropbox app offers a super convenient and secure way to share documents across your enterprise. Dropbox is a cloud-based tool that you can use to upload all of your business files—including e-brochures, corporate videos, presentations, documents, spreadsheets, ideas, meeting notes, and more. The tool saves them in one central spot so you can access them whenever you need them, and from any device. You can also share your Dropbox folders with coworkers, business partners, and clients and you’ll never be without your elevator pitch when you need it most!

Personally, I use Google Calendar and LinkedIn on my iPhone. I haven’t found the need yet to use Skype on my phone or Dropbox, although, I do have an account. I haven’t use Evernote. I use the Note Pad app on my iPhone to jot down any ideas I may have or things I need to do later. I use CardMunch app to scan and convert my business contact cards and will show the LinkedIn profile for that contact!

Do you use any of these apps? What other apps that are not mentioned on here that you personally enjoy using or find to be a time-saver?

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