6 Types of Financial Apps for Your Smart Phone

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As our lives become increasingly mobile, it is little surprise that we are interested in taking more of our finances with us. And with smart phones, like the iPhone, Blackberry and G1, it is possible to keep track of just about everything related to your financial world.

Using apps on your smart phone is a great way to make sure that you are always up to speed with your financial situation — no matter where you are and what you are doing. Some of these financial apps are free, and others will cost between $1.99 and $25, depending on the company and the version that you get.

Here are six different types of financial apps that you can use on your smart phone:

  1. Banking/Personal Finance: It is easy to find apps that can help you with your banking and personal finance. Most of the major banks now have apps that allow you to check balances from your phone, as well as make balance transfers and pay bills. You can also find nearby ATMs. Personal finance apps let you keep track of your income and expenses remotely, and many of them can be attached to your bank accounts so that you get access to those as well. Mint and Pageonce are two examples of personal finance apps.
  2. Investments: If you are an investor, you can get the latest price alerts, stock quotes and financial news. You can also see if your brokerage offers apps for your smart phone. If so, it is sometimes possible to manage your account, buying and selling from your cell phone. Bloomberg Mobile and iStockManager are two examples of investment apps that can help you stay connected to your portfolio.
  3. Calculators: There are some really cool calculator apps out there. These do more than just help you add up numbers. You can can calculate tips, get the latest currency conversions and even figure out a pay-off rate for debt and a payment schedule for your mortgage. Some apps that fall into this category include Pay Off Debt, Mortgage Calculator and eCurrency.
  4. Shopping: You can even increase your shopping efficiency with the help of your cell phone. There are coupon applications that help you search for the coupons you want and then download them to your phone — no paper necessary. Additionally, it is also possible to use some applications to comparison shop with other places in town or online. Some great shopping apps include ShopSavvy, GasBuddy and Coupon Sherpa.
  5. Searching Real Estate: If you are interested in getting a little help with home shopping, there are a number of apps that can help you locate homes in the neighborhood you are in. Many of these apps use a mash-up with mapping technology to help you search homes via MLS. You can also do some research and find agents. Some of the real estate search apps you can try include Zillow and Homes for Sale.
  6. Add Money to Your Parking Meter: This is actually a really cool idea. In some 100 locations around the world, including Miami, Chicago, San Francisco, Vancouver and Dallas, you can sign up to pay your meter remotely from an account. This will work with any cell phone. All you do is call the number on the meter, enter the code, and decide how much time you want. You are billed later. Your cell phone will keep you updated with regard to how much time you have left. Verrus and Clancy Systems International provide these services.

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