Personal Finance News Carnival Volume 1

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Welcome to the February 9, 2017 edition of the Carnival.  We have a great selection of personal finance articles that were submitted from many different personal finance blogs dealing with the topics of: Credit and Debt, Education, Investing, Real Estate, and Saving on your electric bill.

Credit and Debt

debt kid presents The #1 Reason You Can’t Get Out of Debt posted at DebtKid.

Debt Freedom Fighter presents What is a Personal Loan? posted at Discover Debt Freedom!. presents Quick Tips For Completing Credit Card Applications Online posted at Credit Cards Blog |

apply4-credit presents Why Your Credit Card Application Was Rejected posted at Credit Card Applications Expert |

CreditAddict presents New FICO Credit Scoring System in 2009 posted at CreditAddict.

Mr Credit Card presents Starwood preferred guest program review posted at Ask Mr Credit Card.

PFCreditCards presents 8 Reasons Why You Hate Credit Cards posted at PF Credit Cards, saying, “Do you hate credit cards? Maybe this is why!”

Lauren Rose presents Never Use Copy Paste for Your Credit Card Number and Internet Explorer | No Debt Anymore .org posted at No Debt Anymore .org, saying, “Under certain circumstances, your clipboard contents from a copy and paste command can be stolen from the Internet. And that includes your credit card number!”

Abigail Perry presents Are you a frugal fire fighter? posted at i pick up pennies, saying, “When you’re on a tight budget, unexpected expenses can spiral out of control. Suddenly, you’re too busy putting out fires to cope with your overall plan — or even general duties. Then comes the self-criticism from letting things slide, which serves only to use up valuable time and energy.”

Mr Credit Card presents Interview With An Insider, Part 3 and Conclusions posted at Ask Mr Credit Card.

DebtLite presents What’s the Difference Between Good Debt and Bad Debt? posted at Debt Advice.

Chris presents How Prevalent is Identity Theft? posted at financial reflections, saying, “We hear about identity theft in the news, but how often does it really happen? Read and find out…”


Wally Bock presents Recession Review for Job Seekers posted at Momentor.

nickel presents Second Stimulus Check? posted at

KCLau presents Would you pay RM 1200 for a concert ticket? posted at KCLau’s Money Tips, saying, “On whether spending big money on a concert ticket is essential given the recession”

Raymond presents Second Stimulus Check For Obama 2009 Economic Stimulus Package? posted at Money Blue Book.

NetBiz presents Second Chance Checking Accounts: Banks That Do Not Use ChexSystems posted at Money Galaxy – Make Money | Save Money | Invest Money.

Frank Curmudgeon presents ETFs and Other Mutual Funds posted at Bad Money Advice.

The Smarter Wallet presents Will The Obama Economic Stimulus Check and 2009 Stimulus Plan Save The Economy? posted at The Smarter Wallet

Solid Planning presents Prepaid Tuition posted at Solid Planning


Coinblogger presents Buying Gold Bullion Coins posted at Coin Blogger, saying, “Investing in gold bullion coins can be a good investment. Read this guide on buying gold bullion coins.”

Investing School presents Zecco vs TradeKing Discount Brokerage Comparison Review posted at Investing School, saying, “Want to know whether Zecco or TradeKing is better? This is the comparison you need to read!”

VC presents Hold Your Horses On The Stimulus posted at The Penny Daily, saying, “Discusses the stimulus bill and what it means for your investments.”

One Family presents Our Fannie Mae (FNM) Investment – A Case Of Escaping With Minor Wounds!posted at One Family’s Blog.

Dividend Tree presents Asset Allocation is Not Enough for Portfolio Risk Management posted at Dividend Tree, saying, “Asset allocation along with the “quality of investments” is what matters the most. A standalone use of asset allocation will not help in reducing investor’s risk.”

Pinyo Bhulipongsanon presents Introduction to Peer-to-Peer Lending : Moolanomy posted at Moolanomy.

Raily Arena presents Making Money Online Scams: Knowing the Cream from the Crop posted at Make Money Easy Online.

Silicon Valley Blogger presents Best Online Stock Brokers For Cheap Stock Trades posted at The Digerati Life

The Investor presents 10 reasons to be cheerful as an investor posted at, saying, “Don’t let the bad headlines scare you out of investing in 2009. Things could be a lot worse…”

Real Estate

Raily Arena presents Selling Your House in Today?s Market posted at How to Sell Your Own Home.

Chris presents House-hunting expenses and how to minimize them (part 2) posted at Home I Own, saying, “Even before you have bought a house, it can cost you money. Learn about house-hunting expenses and plan ahead.”

Joe Manausa presents Safe Home Buying Process In Tallahassee | Tallahassee Real Estate Blog posted at Tallahassee Real Estate Blog, saying, “If you have ever purchased a home, then you know how much emotion goes into the selection process. Buying a home is not like buying something off the shelf at a consumables store, rather it is a process in which we determine how we will be living our lives in the near future. A prudent buyer knows this and therefore should create a process that does not allow emotion to initiate the home selection process.”


Fred presents PNC Online Banking posted at Online Banks Blog, saying, “An overview of PNC online banking. PNC online banking provides a robust online banking web site and personal finance tools.”

Erland Schulze presents Using Gardens To Fight The Recession posted at My Garden Blog, saying, “Learn more about gardening at:”

MoneyNing presents HSBC Direct Online Bank Review posted at Money Ning, saying, “Great look at what is a HSBC Direct online bank account means for you.”

Tom Tessin presents How To Cut Airline Expenses posted at FAC Travel Blog, saying, “Tips you can use if you’re looking to save money on your next airline flight.”

MoneyNing presents What Everyone Ought to Know When Applying for Free Stuff posted at Money Ning, saying, “Are you taking advantage of free stuff offers? Here’s what you need to know!”

PFCreditCards presents How to Beat Priceline and Get a Winning Bid posted at PF Credit Cards, saying, “Priceline’s name your own price program is amazing. Here’s what it is and how to use it to your advantage.”

Raymond presents Best Money Market Accounts (MMA) and High Yield Bank Rates posted at Money Blue Book.

Deposit Accounts presents Savings Accounts for Children posted at Deposit Accounts.

Abigail Perry presents February 15th: The frugalist’s Valentine’s Day posted at i pick up pennies, saying, “A reason to take a new look at Valentine’s Day”

That’s all of the articles for this edition of the Personal Finance News Carnival.  If you’d like to be part of our next blog carnival, please submit your blog article to the next edition of Personal Finance News Carnival using our carnival submission form. Past posts and future hosts can be found on our blog carnival index page.

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