Write for Us

Thank you for your interest in a writing opportunity on Peak Personal Finance. The more voices, the merrier!

There are several different ways to write for us at the moment.

  • Commercial Posts and Advertising Opportunities
  • Staff Writers
  • Guest Posts
  • Blog Swaps

Commercial Posts and Advertising Opportunities

Peak Personal Finance is open to your proposals, please visit the Advertising page for further details.

Staff Writers

If you are interested in being a staff writer, please send an email to Douglas@peakpersonalfinance.com. Send us some links to your work or to your portfolio, the type of arrangement you are looking to find (long term, one-off) and your rates. We operate on a shoestring budget, but if you are looking to gain exposure for your own site and to build your portfolio, it might be a good fit.

Guest Posts

Please note this is an opportunity for personal bloggers only to gain exposure for their NON COMMERCIAL sites. If you are interested in advertising, please check the Advertise page.  Don’t be a jerk. You know which is which.

Before you submit a guest post, make sure you read the guidelines and then contact us via email, Douglas@peakpersonalfinance.com.


  • You have to be a blogger with an active website.
  • The post has to be an original piece of at least 500 words, which is about personal finance and money.
  • Please try to include a link to a picture, for which you have the appropriate rights.  Searching MorgueFile is a good way to find one.  The post needs to include the appropriate citations for the image, if you are using one with a Creative Commons or similar style license.
  • You can include up to two links back to your blog in the body, and links to your social accounts in the bio.
  • Please let us know which email address you have attached to a Gravatar account, so that your avatar and author bio work properly.
  • No affiliate links.  (Feel free to link to major sites like Amazon, but without affiliate links.)
  • No paid links to commercial sites.
  • Additional links to authority sites, such as Wikipedia or a dictionary site, are fine.  We will use our discretion regarding whether we consider them authority sites or not.
  • Make sure the post is spell checked.
  • Please come over on the day your post goes live, and a few following days, to reply to comments and promote via social networks.
  • Write with some character, to interest readers in visiting your site and to keep the rest of us engaged!

We reserve the right to edit or refuse any post, but are less likely to do so if you follow these guidelines.
Thank you and we look forward to your guest posts!

Blog Swaps

Blog swaps are just like Guest Posts… except we’ll write a post for you and you write a post for us. That way, our readers get to find out about you and your readers get to find out about us!  It’s a win-win.