Zion Bank Online Banking April 2012

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The Zion Bank internet banking has its roots back into the early Mormon settlement in Utah. That church’s involvement with this bank ended in 1960, and it is now considered a regular type of bank, taking deposits from anyone who wishes to do business with them.

The Zion Bank online banking is available 24 hours a day, just as their mobile banking. This service is similar to what the larger online banks are offering that include the viewing of your account balances, recent transactional history, and transferring of funds. This is for savings, checking, certificates of deposit, credit card accounts, and loans. You will also be able to view all of your canceled checks online.

There is also a special Visa Purchase alert that will notify you by text or email if your debit card is used in a transaction involving a service station, declined transaction, foreign transaction, online, phone, or mail purchase.

The Zion Bank electronic banking also includes the online bill paying service for those with a checking account. With this service, you can pay anyone in America any amount you have on deposit in your account. With it, you have the ability to schedule payments in advance so you can better control your money. You can also receive your bills online so all of them will be in one place when you are ready to deal with them. Once a bill is paid by Zion Bank, you will receive an email confirmation that a payment has been delivered.

You can also check out Zion Bank certificate of deposit rates here at Zion Bank CD rates.

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